1910 Tudor Revival – Cleveland Heights, OH

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A chance to own a castle! This impressive 1910 stone Colonial boasts many architectural details including a crenelated roof and a porte cochere. The inside is no less impressive with a grand foyer featuring a stunning reverse staircase. Fireplaces, beamed ceilings, and exquisite plaster work are also found.
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Steve Toth, Keller Williams      (216) 839-5500
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6 Comments on 1910 Tudor Revival – Cleveland Heights, OH

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  1. RossRoss says: 2354 comments

    You don’t see this everyday!

    Well, maybe in Scotland! But certainly not Ohio!

    Sure wish there were more images.

    Love that the original garage doors are in situ.

  2. James R. says: 68 comments

    Not my particular cup of Feudal-era Mead, but interesting nontheless. A chance for the person with deep pockets to employ a few local Archers and Moat-Diggers.

  3. Robt. W.Robt. W. says: 451 comments

    Who doesn’t like a castellated house? Except that the cold white limestone and some somewhat mean proportions and chunky details don’t win me over. The sitework looks really good, though: the brick walks and driveways, the elaborated porte-cochere, the ironwork arch above the entrance piers, and the massing of the house itself.

  4. Mark says: 9 comments

    Certainly would like to see more pics. Have you checked out the street view? Nice area except for the police blockade!

  5. Stu says: 1 comments

    My mothers doctor owned this house in the 1960s and I went to school with his sons. It is very lovely, and in an area with many, many lovely old guard homes. Very close to University Circle, in what was once known as Ambler Heights.

  6. Lee Cozad says: 1 comments

    Great house, area is on the decline though. As typical with many residents in the area, they have blinders on to the real world and remain area-centric. There are so many wonderful old houses here, but having many perspectives including living near this house and many other historic neighborhoods around the US, I decided to move away for better schools, jobs, and stable property values.

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