c. 1900 Folk Victorian – Greensboro, GA

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1241 Church St, Greensboro, GA 30642

  • $29,900
  • 3 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 1669 Sq Ft
  • 0.67 Ac.
Exterior Features:This house is on a .67 acre lot. Curb appeal is fair. Siding is vinyl in fair condition. Roof is metal in fair condition. There is a 2 car detached garage.Interior Features:This is a 3 bed 1.5 bath house with 1669 sq ft. Flooring is wood and in fair condition, it just needs cleaning up. The kitchen is in good condition with wood cabinets and an island. There are no appliances remaining.

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14 Comments on c. 1900 Folk Victorian – Greensboro, GA

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  1. Ross says: 2548 comments

    A wonderful home.

    Save the bath and kitchen, it seems remarkably untouched. I could live, for a while, with the kitchen. The bath would have to go, STAT!

    Love the wide center hall!

    Love the unpainted woodwork.

    Love the LONG windows almost to the floor.

    The floors, properly refinished, are likely to be stunning.

  2. Ross says: 2548 comments

    Oh! Love the garage, too!

  3. Marion says: 81 comments

    Ross, you took the words right out of my mouth 🙂
    I was going to say EXACTLY the same things 😉

  4. Jim says: 5005 comments

    “Curb appeal is fair.” Can’t argue with that, but very nice inside. Not in Greensboro but in Siloam, a little village nearby.

  5. lara janelara jane says: 569 comments

    While I applaud his honesty, I feel like the listing agent could’ve mustered a TINY bit of enthusiasm! hahahaha! It needs some elbow grease, sure, but it’s got fantastic bones!

  6. Jim says: 5005 comments

    John I like this one also, but something seems missing on the right front – a lost dormer maybe?

  7. Ross says: 2548 comments

    On Google Streetview, there is a railing on top of the roof, like a widow’s walk.

  8. John Shiflet says: 5658 comments

    There is a “widows walk” seen in the streetview. One can assign it to the Colonial Revival popularity circa 1900. It originally appeared on Colonial era Georgian style houses in the 1700’s and never totally fell out of favor. It appears I was mistaken about the tiny balcony being on the house. It looks more likely it is off a barn hay loft behind the main house. Moreover, the house itself appears to be one story; I see no evidence of a staircase in any of the photos. One could take some attic measurements for considering an upstairs because a flat top platform will sometimes provide added headroom under the roof. If there’s enough space, a staircase could be installed (and old salvaged unit would be ideal) and then a front dormer harmonizing with the front gable in its form, installed. (salvaged elements would also be ok) Maybe you noticed that the vinyl siding extends only up to the base of the gable but the gable itself is still wood sided? There might have been an ornamental gable brace originally. Someone scraped the old shellac off the front door exposing the bare wood but I’d advise any new owner to sand, prep, and refinish the entry door as soon as possible to avoid rapid deterioration than occurs with bare old brittle wood. Best finish would be one that has a UV protectant in the mix. That’s really a much nicer entry door than it appears to be.

  9. Ross says: 2548 comments

    Although the house is in a rural area, and in a VERY small town (Siloam), it is an easy ride to Athens (way cool), less than an hour drive.

    Greensboro is ten minutes away.

  10. Kayla says: 11 comments

    I saw the man in black with the hat one. Had to go back to see the little face in the bottom right corner on the glass door. crazy

  11. Toscar says: 53 comments

    This one could be very charming….(I think I saw Jimmy Hoffa up on the widows walk)…… 🙂


  12. Kenny says: 99 comments

    Perhaps the most important aspect about this house is that it is being marketed by Econohomes. Anyone seriously interested should become thoroughly familiar with the process of making an offer and obtaining clear title with this agent.

  13. Shelly says: 95 comments

    sold on 1-16-14 zzillow

  14. Theresa Feeney says: 15 comments

    Love the center hallway and the kitchen looks pretty good, wouldn’t have to do too much to it. Nice home!

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