c. 1900 Queen Anne – McComb, MS

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316 W Georgia Ave, McComb, MS 39648

  • $26,500
  • 3 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 1680 Sq Ft
Once stately Victorian home in need of much refinishing. Zoned C-1 Neighborhood/Commercial, but zoning commission may grant residential exception. Selling AS IS. Be the one to continue the great revitalization of McComb and Pike County! Year built is a guess. Court must be petitioned to allow sale; estimated time for this is about ten days. Photos except for the main one are from the year 2009. House looks pretty much the same, to the best of agents knowledge, except there are some windows now missing.
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Thomas Morgan, Hometown Realty,
(601) 249-0485

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6 Comments on c. 1900 Queen Anne – McComb, MS

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  1. says: 13 comments

    I don’t know why but something about this house stands out to me. The beauty of the exterior makes this all worth it to me – plus there is still some good bones of the interior to make it worthwhile…

    I will say, the kitchen reminds me way too much of the 1970’s house I grew up in. It downright scares me.

  2. John Shiflet says: 5353 comments

    Definitely a listing in the “project house” category. Lots of beaded board inside which was common in late Victorians in Southern locales where local Yellow pine was abundant and cheap. The long porch has plenty of style..I could almost see the porch pavilion with a nice copper finial above it and the gingerbread picked out in colors or left a dignified white. The Staircase and much of the interior have a folksy feel to them that adds to the home’s simple charm. However, right in front runs (U.S.?) highway 51; across the street is a vacant storefront and down the hill is a larger strip type mall that appears vacant as well. A watermelon seller is parked next door in streetview. The listing speculates the photos were taken in 2009 and mentions missing windows. If the glass has been broken it can be replaced but more problematic if the windows are taken out. This is an appealing house for someone willing to roll up their sleeves but major work lies ahead. The location is also a problem but perhaps not insurmountable-old townhomes in big cities front busy thoroughfares yet often command high prices and are highly coveted. Not a house for people looking for a quiet environment, however.

  3. Debbie kann says: 1 comments

    We are currently refurbishing a 1900 Victorian. Yes, lots of wallpaper to be removed and plaster cracks that need repaired, but it’s turning out beautifully. It will be for sell, soon, I think, if I can get over how much I love the place. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. Tyrone, pa. If you love old houses, they are worth the fraustration and hard work. Be sure they are solid.

  4. bfish says: 116 comments

    Something about the old southern houses with bead board walls and ceilings — particularly if they’re unfinished — really speaks from me. Well, this goes along with the super high ceilings (presumably for summer heat abatement) which are also interesting. It’s regretable that this vernacular style doesn’t seem to extend as far north as Virginia (I mean the bead board; we do have high ceilings in old houses here but most that I’ve seen are in Victorians).

    I agree that this house has a lot of potential. Re: EmilieJean’s comment, yeah, the kitchen is kind of creepy but to me the bathroom is more so!

  5. FergusFergus says: 260 comments
    1420 Perpendicular Gothic

    This house is certainly a special house with a lot of potential and charm, even in its current condition. I have to agree that the exterior is really beautiful and the interior has a lot of potential to reflect the charms of its exterior. It’s another house I wouldn’t mind owning.
    On a slightly unrelated note, Kelly, shouldn’t the second “C” in Mccomb (in the post title,) be uppercase, like so: McComb?

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