c. 1840 Greek Revival – Buckingham, VA

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274 Fitzpatrick Rd, Buckingham, VA 23921

  • $92,500
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3312 Sq Ft
  • 14 Ac.
FITZPATRICK PLANTATION 14 + acres and Home A Diamond in the rough!! This is a project, but the rewards could be limitless! Slate roof with easy access from walk-up attic some roof work needed, but not bad! There are 4-5 bedrooms with two full baths! There could be a master bedroom on the first floor. The outside needs more work then the inside! The old windows are great, but glass replacement needed and storm windows needed. The front porch needs replacement, but the old brick pilings are in good shape! This manor style home has been well loved and has great history behind her! Some believe the property to be on an old burial grounds and the house has been known to be haunted by locals, however a kind spirit they say! There is a hot water tank, the home is in need of a heat and air system. Large rooms, original solid wood doors, covered back porch area, many original details throughout the home! Come see for your self and see the serenity of Buckingham VA only 45 mins from Lynchburg and 76 miles from Richmond Va!
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Marty Donovan, Blickenstaff & Co,

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49 Comments on c. 1840 Greek Revival – Buckingham, VA

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  1. Love it! That could be beautiful, once again! So nice to see an old beautiful home that has not been too “tampered with.” I would rather see a home in need of repair and care than a home that has been so modernized that it no longer retains it’s character and age.
    Hope someone saves it.

  2. Bob H says: 76 comments

    It’s a shame how they let this place go. Been for sale for more than 5 years now and were asking a crazy amount of money. Now it’s a mess and will cost mega $$ to fix. A shame they didn’t sell it at a lower price 5+ years ago and it wouldn’t have decayed so much.

  3. Shane says: 24 comments

    Definitely a keeper. I wonder….were houses like this from the early 19th painted all white? I don’t know much about finishes as we get into the 19th century.

  4. Mark says: 143 comments

    White and Greek Revival are like peanut butter and jelly.

    Although here I’d have to say I’m not so sure about Greek Revival. The back can be called Greek Revival and looks to be substantial addition. The front has a solid foundation, and a common NC, VA area type farmhouse (I’d say vernacular federal…i.e. before Greek Revival). The back is built on piers and has the Greek Revival gable.

    Regardless, it looks very much out in the middle of nowhere but a lot of house and land for the price.

  5. Jason K says: 4 comments

    LOL No kidding!!!

  6. John Shiflet says: 5748 comments

    I think I’m noting a developing trend…houses which needed substantial work were often kept off the market during the days of the mortgage lending crisis/ Great Recession. (2008-2010) Now that the national housing market has improved enough to see the property flipper phenomenon reappearing, those sellers who were sitting on properties needing substantial work are starting to put them up for sale. This house has some great original details and perhaps even better comes with 14 acres of land. I think the buyer would have a real gem after its restored.

  7. FergusFergus says: 228 comments
    1705 Queen Anne

    This house is a real gem, both inside and out, even in its current condition. As for the style, if the exterior was red brick, rather than painted siding, then it would look just like the vernacular early-mid Victorian homes in my of England. I hope somebody saves and restores this house faithfully.

  8. Lilibet says: 9 comments

    This one tugs at my heartstrings!

    Does anyone have any info about the stove with the wood under it?

  9. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    Thank you for appreciating the house. I am the current owner and I too hope someone will save it. The house deserves it.

  10. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    As the owner, I feel compelled to inform you that your assumptions are incorrect.
    How is $99,000 a crazy price for this house with 14 acres? Are you aware that the tax accessment is $169,000? (ps. the price has dropped to $92,500).
    Since you wrote that I asked a crazy amount of money 5 years ago, I really would like to know, just what was that amount?
    And please inform me how I have let the place go and if you would, be specific on how it has decayed in the last 5 years.
    Thanks, Bob.
    Janice Campbell, Owner.

  11. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    Thank you for appreciating my house. As the owner, I can tell you what a great house this is. And the grounds definitely have a healing feeling to them. When I have lived there, I can’t tell you how many summer evenings I sat on the back porch, watching the moon come up and listening to the Whip-o-Wills. The back yard has always felt nurturing to me. It is a healing place.
    Over the years, I’ve noticed that whenever people came, they always hung around. Talking about nothing. Just staying and enjoying being there. Even animals. Lots of deer.
    The “spirits” in the house love people. They are lonely with the house being empty.
    Some of the best parties of my life were in the parlour. A neighbor once told me that when he was a boy, he would walk through the woods, about a mile, and visit at Christmas. He would stay 2 weeks. He said that in the parlour, they would move all the furniture back and have a big dance. What fun. A great room for it.
    Janice Campbell, Owner

  12. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    Thank you, Mark, for your comments on my house. You are correct, it is solid. Although it has fallen on hard times, the house is a strong building. If you notice, the roof line is complete straight; an indication of the health of the house.
    As far as it being out in the middle of nowhere, you are somewhat correct. It is 4 miles from the geographical center of Virginia. So if you consider Virginia to be nowhere, you are correct, Sir.
    And thank you for noticing that it is a lot of house and land for only $92,500.
    The price has been dropped again.
    Janice Campbell, Owner

  13. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    As the owner of the house, I can tell you about the stove. It is a home comforter in working order. When I lived there, I used it to cook on and for heat. Actually, I grew up with this stove. It was in the farm house where I lived and I had it moved to this house because I loved it so.
    It is named correctly because the heat feels like home and nothing warms the soul like the heat from this stove. Truly, it is a home comforter.
    Janice Campbell, Owner

  14. Mark says: 143 comments

    Any idea why some listings in general have no tax information?

    I’d love a project like this home and 14 acres if it could only move a little closer to me……

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12626 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Some counties do not have databases that companies like Zillow can easily pull records from. I’m sure there are other reasons but I think that’s one of the main ones.

      And I dream of finding a place like this, with this much acreage. To bad we live too far away from it.

  15. Mark says: 143 comments

    “BTW – if you click on the “Reply” button directly below a comment, that’s where it will appear… ”

    I think you end up at the end by default nowadays.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12626 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      As long as you click on the reply underneath the comment you want to be under, it’ll display under that comment. Otherwise if you just type in your comment in the box it will display at the bottom/end.

  16. Kit says: 20 comments

    Hello Janice,

    Some basic questions –
    How long have you owned the home?
    Any outbuildings?
    Any wells, springs or creeks on the property?
    Any fruit trees, garden areas, etc?
    Underneath, is it brick or log?
    The main access road to the property, is it a state road?
    Would you consider owner financing with 36 month terms to balloon payment?
    I would love to see some additional photos of the grounds.
    Why are you selling?

    Thank you

    • Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

      This is in response to Kit and her questions.
      I am selling the house because I love it and want to place it in the hands of someone who can restore it. I simply do not have the financial means to do the job.
      Let me give some history.
      In 1961, my dad bought the house at a public auction. He had not intended to buy the place, but got caught up in the bidding…
      Well, he thought he could resell it. But, when my mom saw the house, she was in love. It was her dream house.
      The house had belonged to Miss Annie Mae Fitzpatrick, she had lived there her whole life. Had cared for her parents there. She was an old maid school teacher, and in 1961, her nieces and nephews were selling the property to finance her nursing home care. At this point the house was in worse shape than it is now.
      My mom and dad could not come to any agreement about the house, so it set.
      After some years, they did decide to work on it. Mom had a lot of work done, on a tight budget, and she was very creative. She loved the house, loved working on it, loved thinking up ways to do things, loved messing with the whole thing.
      I’m not like that. Working on a house is not my thing. I just do not have the heart for it.
      Anyway, Mom and Dad lived there for 7 years, I think, and she got sick and had to move back to their smaller house on the farm. So the house sat again. After she died, the house came to me. I was living in Vermont at the time and sold my house there and moved my family to Buckingham. My thought was to turn it into a retreat spot.
      By the way, we started calling the house “the Fitzpatrick” after the pervious owners and the name has stuck. Also, the Fitz. The road name is The Fitzpatrick after it.
      It is known in the county at that old Fitzpatrick place. When I was working on it, I discovered many people who would not enter the house because of the stories of “spirits”. The neighbors can tell you many stories. I have some.
      One of my favorite is that a slave boy hung himself in the attic because he was in love with a slave girl and she was sold. Whoa. And the attic is one of my favorite places. I will say, that each room is its own world. Each room has its own feeling.
      There is one room that I don’t really like spending much time in because it feels so heavy and sad. While some rooms feel great. The back yard truly is a healing place. I do hate leaving the place. It has a strong feeling of home.
      I think there are many spirits there, it has always felt crowded. But they do want people there. Many times when I was on the ladder, they kept me safe. I always thanked them.
      As far as other buildings on the property, the main one remaining is the smoke house, which this site has a photo of. There is also a shed with an outdoor potty with a 3-seater. But that shed has slowly folded to the ground. Everything is still in it, but it needs to be taken apart.
      The dirt road the house sits on is a state maintained road, Route 708 or Fitzpatick Road. There are neighbors on the same road. It is only 1/4 mile long and comes to a dead end.
      There are some pear trees in the back yard, old trees with antique pears, really small. Good for pear perserves but not eating off the tree.
      The back yard goes back down the hill to a small creek. It can not be depended upon to always have water. Depends on the weather.
      The base of the house is brick, I think you can see from the pictures. It has an English basement, dirt floor, 4 rooms, windows. At one time I had a pottery studio there, complete with an electric kiln and wheel. I’m a potter. It worked great. The electricty was fine for the kiln which took the same volt as a dryer. 220 I think.
      The originial hand dug well is still there, it is 30 ft deep and when Mom lived there, it was always going dry. So she had another well drilled. Nearby the same spot. They hit a strong vein and the water is great. Great pressure in the house. This well has never gone dry.
      We have had trouble with lightening and problems with the pump freezing in the winter time but we have always had our plumber come out and fix it. I consider that a maintance issue.
      As far as owner financing. I would look at the offer, how strong the down payment is, collerateral, and how promising the payoff might be.
      We were under contract 2 years ago and got burned pretty bad. And believe me, we have learned from our mistakes.
      To all the people out there who think the owner has let this house go and that I am asking too much money. Know this. I have loved this house since I was 9 years old. I am now 61. All these years, whenever I have looked at another house, I have judged it by the Fitz. And no house has ever come up it to. I do not let it go lightly. My 18 year old son has Asperger’s and helping him has become my life. He was just diagnosed 4 years ago. I don’t want the Fitz to go down but I recognize that I am not the person who can bring it back. So I’m letting it go.
      My plate is overflowing with other issues.
      Recently, I came upon a Native American saying…don’t judge because you don’t know the whole story. And if you did know the whole story, you wouldn’t judge.
      I am not in the habit of explaining myself but I saw that I did react to being judged.
      I also realize that I am too close to this subject to not take comments personally.
      But that is just the way it is.
      Thank you to all the people out there who appreciate this house. It truly is one of a kind original. A diamond in the rough.
      Janice Campbell

  17. Mark says: 143 comments

    Hi Kelly,

    More often than not, my comments go directly to the bottom …..not boxed into the particular comments that I replied to.

  18. Mark says: 143 comments

    In fact I clicked reply in your response twice just now….and I’m back to the bottom.

    It didn’t always do that for me, but it’s been awhile working that way.


  19. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12626 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Ok, I’ll look into it and see if it can be fixed.

  20. Kit says: 20 comments

    Hello Janice,
    Thank you so much for your kind reply and explanation of all of the details regarding the house. Yes indeed, it sounds like a special place and perhaps a bit misunderstood. I do wish to open a dialogue, but would prefer to do so privately… Kelly, you have my email – you have my permission to share it with Janice so that we can connect regarding this house. I do not want to post it here publicly.
    Thank you!

  21. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    Thank you for your kind words. The Fitz has been drawing a number of people.
    But none with money to actually buy it.
    My family wants to move to New England, do you have property there to trade?
    Janice Campbell

  22. stephanie says: 1 comments

    Ms. Campbell,

    I wish I had a trade for you. But the bank owns most of my house. She was a lonely girl herself. She was without a family living in her for 8 years. I, spotted her through over grown bushes. Several people have referred to her at the Amityville Horror house. She is a 1904 Victorian Cottage on Main Street. Rockfall. My town is really small for CT standards – 2400 people. She was love at first sight too. (I hope it doesnt come across that I am fickle) After, 11 years with her, she is finally what I thought she could be.
    Well, I hope selfishly “the fitz” will still be available in the coming months. My job is being outsourced and I decided it was a “now or never” move to VA for my daughter and myself. I have grown to love VA with extended family living in the Blacksburg area and vacationing throughout the state for several years.
    Again wishing nothing but the best for you and yours.

  23. Jon Adams says: 6 comments

    I spent years attempting to restore an old house in Suffolk VA. It was the twig that ended my first marriage. Never finished it. But I still have pictures of all the work I did. I look at this house and hope some young couple will feel the same way — together.

    On 14 acres? Fabulous. The back of the house looks like a latter addition. The price is quite reasonable.

  24. says: 1 comments

    Ms. Cambell,

    First of all, let me just say how much I love your house. Such a jewel. I hope you can sell it to someone that will love it as much as she deserves. For it is our responsability to treasure and preserve for future generations so they can witness the glorious days that will never come back.
    I love the settings, love the english basement, I would clean everything out and just use period jacobean furniture in it. I hope I will win the lottery soon, and if I do, i will be calling you at once for sure, Buckingham is such a lovely town, eventhough there is no internet conection and my celphone didnt work, I would still love to create my own world and get lost in the past and your house is the perfect place for it. I will keep watching and keep dreaming.
    The very best for you.

  25. Kennedy says: 1 comments

    Is there a site that gives the extended history of this beautiful home? However I have never read so much 1st person history on a house before and am indeed grateful. The personal memories and love of this home by the owner are remarkable. Usually, we can only read what was gathered through documents years afterward, but never a personal account. Truly a treat today. I believe this account will be what sells this home to the right buyer.

  26. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12626 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    It’s no longer showing for sale on Zillow or Trulia, it’s still showing up on the agents site. Was there a sale?

  27. Jon Adams says: 6 comments

    I hope someone buys it and restores it.

  28. Faye Shumaker says: 1 comments

    I remember visiting in this home with my grandparents back in the 50’s. I have always loved it and like so many beautiful old homes, they slip into the past for many reasons.. The main reason is the expense of restoring and keeping them up. I think these lovely old homes have many stories to tell and I hope someone will buy this one and return her to her original beauty and the story can continue.

  29. James in NoVa says: 1 comments

    I am stunned–and delighted–to have found this thread. I have been under the spell of this house long distance for the last five years, when it was previously listed for sale by another agent. I am a fan of old houses and Virginia history and regularly search real estate listings for new finds, but until finding this thread I have been unsuccessful in learning the history of the place. For some strange reason I am absolutely captivated by the house, and (like one of the previous posters) imagined what it would be like to own and restore. (I even called a previous listing agent to ask for details.)

    I’m just so struck by the appeal this house has for so many people. Thank you, Janice for bringing the house to life with your stories here. I wish you the best as you search for the next owner of “the Fitz” and with your son as well.

  30. Jacque Brill says: 1 comments

    Is this property still available? I am very interested.

  31. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    Yes the house is still available. Two weeks ago I thought it was sold but the deal has fallen through.
    And there is a couple from NJ who looked at it last year and are now in a position to buy. They are re-visiting it in mid-Oct.
    So if you are serious, give me an email.

    Janice Campbell, owner.

  32. Janice Campbell says: 10 comments

    James in NoVa.
    Thank you for your kind remarks.
    I understand your feelings about the Fitz. And it is nice to learn of someone else’s affection for the place.
    Best to you.

  33. says: 88 comments

    Just a short while after I discovered OHD – I saw this house and fell in love with it and I’m sure that this site will help Janice to sell it. Does anyone else think that the 2 storey back section may predate the front of the home? There’s just something about the cornices and the 2 tiny windows in the 3rd storey that speak of an earlier time for me. I’d love to see pictures of the attic to understand the roof structure a bit more.

  34. Nathan says: 2 comments

    Actually from a purely historical standpoint this was a much earlier georgian/federal tripartite house that was rebuilt on one front into a greek revival decades later. The rear of the house shows a virtually intact tripartite dwelling complete with 2 room deep gable front tall block and matching wings. The 9 over 9 sash, enclosed early stair and wainscoting/mantels all point to constuction turn of 1800. This is perhaps the best example I’ve ever seen of an early large house incorporated into an even larger later house.

  35. francine says: 5 comments

    I have been looking for an old house with acreage. I am putting my house on the market in the spring. Hopefully this one will be available when my sells. I felt a great sense of peace when looking at the home and Ms. Campbell’s comments sealed the deal.

  36. Nancy Baldwin says: 1 comments

    I love the passion and emotion you have for your “Fitz” . I think the house and property is nothing short of a steal for the price it is. I think it should be sold for 1 million based on how we feel about it. I wish you the very best. I also wish you could keep it, love it, fix it.

  37. Sherie Favro says: 1 comments

    Is this house still on the market?

  38. Bruce says: 1 comments

    Thank you for sharing so much personal history about the Fitzgerald House. Please don’t take the negative criticism from some unknown person who is just looking at your house and wishing he could own her.

    I live in a two bedroom condo in Arlington and have been wanting a historic summer home far from the city; I take two months off each summer and usually travel. I have just started looking at historic properties and don’t plan to commit for a year or two.

    I would love to know the history of your house: who built it, how large was the original land grant, where is the family buried, etc. I grew up in Western New York in an 1833 brick house that we shared with a gentle spirit/ghost. It has always bother me that I was unable to find out much information about the woman spirit who walked the halls nightly, checking in on me and whispering soothing words. The only clues I discovered was that at one time, a runaway slave had lived about a quarter mile from our house and worked as a nanny. Her ghost is seen often walking down out street. I believe she may have once cared for the children in our house.

    Thank you,

  39. Anne says: 21 comments

    The notation says the house is in an inactive state. Does this mean it has been sold or is it just off the market for now? My daughter is enrolling in a university nearby and I am preparing to retire from the military. The Fitzpatrick house looks right up our alley; from the big, gorgeous windows to the peaceful back yard. I would be very interested in getting in touch with the owner, if she is still interested in selling it. thanks.

    • John Shiflet says: 5748 comments

      The seller/owner (Janice) posted contact information above. I suggest sending her an email inquiring about the status of the house. If you cannot reach her, then you can contact Marty Donovan, the listing agent (434-382-8200) noted at the top to ascertain its current status. While I would expect it would have sold by now, you may get lucky so here’s wishing you the best in your old house quest.

  40. Samantha vernon says: 1 comments

    Is this house still available.?


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