1962 Modern – Croton on Hudson, NY (Alfred Bush)

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26 Spice Hill Rd, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520

  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2680 Sq Ft
  • 3.61 Ac.
Owners must sell within 2 weeks, all cash deal. No negotiation room. Land alone worth it and can be subdivided. Built by Alfred Bush, early apprentice with Frank Lloyd Wright. Builder's dream for total re-hab. Renovation accommodated by price and subdivide potential for additional lot. Bush's adaptation of Wright's vision assessed by expert as tutored, not copied, and inspired in certain original concepts, such as the use of a double parabolic roof line.
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23 Comments on 1962 Modern – Croton on Hudson, NY (Alfred Bush)

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  1. Mark says: 162 comments

    I don’t really find the appeal here. I’m sure it has architectural merit and clever design items here and there, but in the end I just don’t see what the style is. It’s almost as if he tried too hard to be creative.

    I think some “modern” houses age much better than others. There are many that I think are tremendous designs.

    • Eric says: 3 comments

      I grew up in this house. It was beautiful and unique. I of course thought it was “normal” as a child. I loved lying on the heated floors in the winter while playing. The great room was most beautiful. As with many unique houses it cost too much to keep up and my elderly parents let it fall in to disarray. We could not fix it up when my mother died in 2012.

      • Terri says: 1 comments

        I can imagine how it might have looked. I love spaces like this! You were very lucky.

      • lanuzadesignslanuzadesigns says: 3 comments
        OHD Supporter

        What a great memory! My childhood home in the suburbs of Chicago has a similar fate. I grew up in a very similar ‘apprentice’ of FLW who studied in Wisconsin. Our home we moved from in 1996 when my Dad got cancer, I recently drove by the house a few months ago and they still have the same driveway, it’s covered in mold and is falling apart. They are expensive to maintain but even with these photos, you can still see the beauty. <3 It's still hard to see when you can remember "you" in the home filled with warmth and people. I am sorry your Mother passed, my parents are both gone too now, it's never easy.

  2. says: 561 comments

    Although the house looks to need some work, this is a very attractive property to me. I love the natural materials & quirky design, and the setting seems to be really nice, too. Croton is fairly built up nowadays, so to have this kind of privacy is unusual. I hope it doesn’t get subdivided into McMansion lots.

  3. Pam says: 22 comments

    I love it. Yes, it needs some renovating, but—wow!

  4. Svisconti says: 1 comments

    Houses like this deserve to be saved. It is certainly not everyone’s taste and can be perceived as “too creative” but it is still an exceptional building. To see it in its prime must have been amazing, in an equally amazing location. Lets hope someone of similar vision decides to buy and restore it.

  5. Michael says: 27 comments

    A great design in a great setting. It is unfortunate that we have all but lost the creative lessons of designers like Mr. Bush and Mr. Wright in favor of aluminum sided McMansions. The state of current American residential construction is at an all time low. Mr. Bush’s home must be preserved and restored to its original condition in order to inspire a new generation of great residential architects.

    I wonder if Mr. Bush had a hand at assisting Mr. Wright with a similar inspiring home in Tallahassee, Florida. Check out: http://www.preservespringhouse.org/

  6. Rick says: 2 comments

    The property is now in contract. My expectations are rather low that the home will be preserved—I have a feeling that it will be razed in favor of greed to place multiple properties or some kind of hideous McMansion on the land which would be an absolute travesty. My wife and I had bid on the home above asking and lost to someone who put in an all cash offer at the last minute above our bid with zero concessions. We are heart-broken at our loss as we were so excited to work on this project with the hope and goal of respecting and revitalizing the initial vision of Alfred Bush. We had our architects who are extremely well versed in this style home ready, an amazing contractor lined up and we had a loan ready for renovations, everything was set to go only to find out that we lost to someone with more money. It would be a tragedy to return to see this property in any condition less than stunning. Fingers crossed that not all is lost and that in time, someone is enjoying a true gem of architectural history.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11864 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Sorry to hear that. Maybe the new owner will restore rather than tear down. Let us know what happens, if you are able to keep watch.

    • Eric says: 3 comments

      My mother had taken a reverse mortgage, and it would have been impossible to sell it at a loss. There was No greed involved. Hearing your words I wish we had sold it to you. The buyers desperately wanted to fix it up appropriately but the cost was prohibitive. It is all very sad.

      • Rick says: 2 comments

        Hi Eric,
        I apologize, I was not clear I needed my post. I was not referring to anyone in your family expressing any sense of “greed.” The realtor who was managing the property and was really a fantastic person let us know the history and had mentioned your families situation. I was referring to what I felt was the possibility of an all cash offer coming in with no intent to revitalize the home but to buy it only for the land with the goal of installing an oversized home (or two) with the goal of making more and more money on their investment. Again, apologies for the unintended negative interpretation of my note. Do you know what has come of the home? I look every now and again to see if there any signs.


      • matt says: 1 comments

        hi there
        was it really demolished?

  7. My wife and I looked at this house, and it needed a looooot of work. Smelled of mold everywhere, ceiling was coming down.

    But you know what? I wish our financing had come through two months earlier, because I would have put an offer in regardless. It was stunning. It is a wonderful, mesmerizing jewel of a home.

  8. Nancy says: 209 comments

    Wow, What an amazing house!Does anyone have an update?

  9. Zilla says: 41 comments

    The house was designed by Bush for himself and his wife, Gertrude, who lived there until very recently. It was sold by his estate, by his two children. http://patch.com/new-york/yorktown-somers/bp–the-home-guru-visiting-with-frank-lloyd-wright I couldn’t find the You Tube video.

  10. Zilla says: 41 comments

    You can count the house as demolished now. I just looked it up on Google maps and the aerial photo shows it in the act of being demolished. There are holes in the roof and debris all around and the digger/teardown machine is sitting in the background. So sad. It was admittedly not built to a high standard of finishing but it was fascinating.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11864 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Until it’s confirmed I’m not marking it as demolished yet. The aerial view is so distorted, I’m not sure it’s holes in the roof rather than just chimney’s and distortions.

  11. kathy stokes-phillips says: 214 comments

    sad, it was demolished, i liked modern

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