1897 Queen Anne, Toledo, OH

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1905 N Summit St, Toledo, OH 43611

  • $13,500
  • 3 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 3702 Sq Ft
  • 0.22 Ac.
Former Libby Glass Recreation House. Reportedly a dance club/social club with huge upstairs dance hall. Large - 3700 sq ft. Stately, and full of amazing architecture and history.
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12 Comments on 1897 Queen Anne, Toledo, OH

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  1. Wendy says: 26 comments

    The radiators are gone too. Hmmm … can’t tell if the pocket doors are still there.

  2. toscar says: 53 comments


    This poor building screams foreclosure.

    The mantels were taken and the radiarors most likely went for scrap, and I would bet there isn’t a period lighting, bath, or kitchen fixture left in the place.


  3. John Shiflet says: 5401 comments

    I agree with Toscar. The streetview shows a FSBO sign in the front yard so apparently the then owner didn’t sell and now a reluctant owner-lender is trying to dump it. The iron fire escape ladder shows this once opulent mansion also did service as a rental as many turn of the last century mansions did after the original families sold them. There’s and equally impressive mansion next door-maybe even built for someone related to this one’s orginal owner. What is most unkind is that someone stole the mantels out of the house. Typically, these end up selling for a few hundred dollars to salvage dealers, flea marketers, or even e-Bay, but to replace them with similar quality period mantels costs thousands. No doubt there was some art glass as well- probably high end (Tiffany or similar) windows or fancy beveled leaded glass. There are still the imported Minton-Hollis tiles at the entry and inlaid, walnut bordered patterned parquet floors around the floors. But it would cost many, many, times the purchase price to bring the house back to its original appearance and condition. It’s also in Toledo, Ohio which is struggling in this economy and local real estate values/prices reflect that.

  4. James Manista says: 29 comments

    Dear JS,

    Could you give Toledo a break? It’s one of many cities struggling and doesn’t need any special calling-out.

    • John Shiflet says: 5401 comments

      James, duly noted. But my intention was not to put down Toledo but to merely point out in this tough economy real estate values are low in different places. As far as local economies are concerned, few anywhere are doing great at the present. I sincerely hope Toledo comes back-much of the upper Midwest has great potential, long term. (if we can ever get our Texas home sold we will become adopted Midwesterners …probably Cincinnati)

  5. Ducky33311 says: 1 comments

    Hi, Yes I’ve inquired about this house and Toscar is right, the house is litterally a shell. The former owner lost it to foreclosure and the couple took the mantels, radiators, the entire kitchen and bathrooms. This wasnt the owners primary residence he had used this house as a rec room which is why the 3rd floor has a fire escape. I was told that the bank paid the owner to leave the place in good condition and he stripped the place down anyway. There is also a roof leak on the 3rd floor that is damaging the ceiling. So with it needing radiators, a roof, and bathroom fixtures it will cost quite a lot to repair. I wish I had known what the mantels looked like from the pics I can tell that they were 7-8 feet tall probably with mirrors, quartersewn type. This one could be a tough sell as its a big house to repair and not many people want to try to repair it in the harsh winter.

  6. Emiline Way says: 1 comments

    I live in Toledo and have driven past this house many times. Many older houses in this area are in the same and worse condition. This used to be a desired neighborhood for the upper crust. Large, gorgeous houses facing the Maumee river. Now it is a den of drug dealers and prostitutes. Very sad. I’m not surprised the price is low, even if the place hadn’t been stripped.

  7. Rick V. says: 3 comments

    This house is now the focus of a private restoration. The stolen mantles have been located, and if necessary legal action will be taken to secure their return. Looking for old photos of the place.

  8. Rick V. says: 3 comments

    P.S. Yes, Wendy, the pocket doors ARE still there! Along with original hardware.

  9. Ducky33311 says: 1 comments

    To Rick V.— Wow, you sure know quite a bit about the house. Did you buy it? Legal action on the missing Mantels? Good luck with that, If they ended up at the famous shop that I know of there, all the police is going to do is tell them not to sell the items until the investigation is over which will be a long time if ever. The cops can careless about some sold old mantels getting ripped off esp when it was the previous owners who may or may not had done it and it was done before the current owner who according to records is a Mr. Prager. Its sad but true, I wish them the best in restoring it, hopefully they don’t restore it and then expect to cash it in for a million bucks. its been in ruin for a while. As far as looking for old pictures of the place, they do exist, I’ve seen them.

  10. Rick B. VanLandingham III says: 3 comments

    To Ducky3311 — My friend, Scott Prager, bought it and recruited several friends (myself included) to move in and help with the restoration. And no, the project is for the love of saving such a beautiful old home, not for profit.

    And that “famous shop” that you know of is apparently where at least the mantels ended up, if not all of the stolen fixtures. We are hoping to obtain documentation from the mortgage company (seller) regarding the agreement not to sell the fixtures. Depending on the time, if the house had already been foreclosed on, then stripping the house constituted a crime (at least house stripping, if not felony theft). You are so very right about the police in Toledo being utterly useless.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the house is a “ruin”. We have tarped the roof leaks, and luckily the water damage is very limited. We have just acquired a collection of old radiators to replace those that are missing. So we will have full heat restored soon!

    Where have you seen old pictures? We have the one from the Library Images in Time collection. We would love to see other old photos!

    I have been tracing the history of the home. It appears that an Albert Garver, manager of the “Model Dining Hall” in downtown Toledo, was the first owner in 1897?


    • John C says: 467 comments

      As you, Rick, have indicated, this house has indeed sold. Realtor no longer lists it for sale, and Zillow has the following:

      12/28/2011 Sold $15,500 14.8% $4 Public Record
      11/30/2011 Listing removed $13,500 — $3 RE/MAX MASTERS

      I list this just so people out there aren’t hoping, despite what you said, that the house is still available.

      If you can, please let us know from time to time of what happens with you and your friends and this wonderful old home. A link to photos new and old would be great, too, along with any history.

      Finally, like everyone who follows this site, I am sure, I wish you and your friend-partners the best of luck! What you are doing is wonderful. And I hope that the criminally-labeled thieves or socially-labeled vandals pay for what they did!

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